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Conference Programme

We're busy developing an interesting and diverse programme for 2018, including sessions on:

  • Research Evaluation and the REF: what role should Altmetrics play?
  • Moving Beyond the Numbers: how are people moving beyond them, and how can narrative and qualitative descriptions be used?
  • Acting on the Data: cases studies from real applications
  • Arts and Humanities: what impact is Altmetrics currently having in this space and where might we go next?
  • Gaming #Fakescience and Ethics: what role does the Altmetrics community have to play here? How can individuals convey authority? How do institutions and publishers communicate validity?
  • Sentiment Analysis: does it get any momentum?
  • Annotations: should they be added to Altmetrics and what would this mean?

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Tuesday 25

Wednesday 26

Thursday 27

Friday 28


Altmetrics 18 workshop

5:AM Conference Day 1

5:AM Conference Day 2

 Hack Day


Casual drinks (venue tbc)

Conference Reception


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All sessions at 4:AM were recorded and are available to view by clicking the title of each session on the schedule page.