21 - 28 October 2020


Call for Presentations

The call for presentations has now closed, thank you for all the submissions!

Themes for 2020 are:

SDGs: changing our future

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a key focus for many research organizations around the world. Tracing their impacts, and understanding how far their research goes to support progress against specific goals, remains a challenge for many of these institutions. Do altmetrics have a role to play in this, and how can they help us understand the outcomes of research for the greater good?

Public interest in science / Open Science

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a huge surge in public engagement with academic research - via Twitter, the mainstream media, and other online communication channels. Preprints have played a central role in accelerating access to knowledge, and scholarly publishers have been quick to remove paywalls for relevant research. How are these changes reflected in altmetrics, and what can we learn about how research is shared and communicated?

Equality, prejudice and bias in research: the metrics challenge

Recent events in the US have sparked a resurgence of a conversation that has long needed to happen. Prejudice in any form, be it based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any number of other factors, has no place in research. How are conscious or unconscious biases perpetuated by metrics, and what opportunities do the same data bring for introducing more equality within our scholarly ecosystem?

Controversies and the mis-interpretation (of research) - misinformation

‘Fake news’ might have had its day, but with research being shared online now more than ever, it doesn’t take long for findings to be mis-interpreted or results to be translated in unintended ways. Where do metrics, publishers, academic institutions and researchers themselves come into this? What clues can the data give us, and how can we encourage vigour and accuracy in reporting and wider dissemination?

Altmetrics and Practice-Based Research

For countless researchers, books, journal articles, datasets or what we might traditionally refer to as a ‘publication’ are not their primary (or sometimes even relevant) form of research output. To date, there has been limited success in the altmetrics space to provide useful insights for practice-based research, and the technical challenges to doing so remain a potential blocker. How might we further develop in this area, and what should be considered along the way?

Altmetrics in Action

Thousands of researchers, publishers, institutions, funders and government agencies use altmetrics every day. How are they using and interpreting these data, and what benefits or challenges is it presenting? We’re looking for presentations from those of you on the front line: real-life examples of getting hands on with altmetrics in your own role.

The future is… AI?

As research in fields like AI gathers pace, we consider what this means for the development of new metrics, and how we measure and understand the outcomes of research. What can new methods offer in terms of advancement, and how will this benefit the researchers and the work we all seek to support?

Lightning talks

Got something to say about altmetrics, scholarly communication, or our changing research ecosystem? We’re looking for proposals for short lightning talks (10 mins) that focus on hot topics, new ideas or emerging areas of interest - with a view to sparking discussion and introducing new considerations. Talks can focus on altmetrics research, tools, practical application of the data, or something of interest to the wider scholarly communications and scientometrics community.

Vendor showcase

Altmetrics can now be found through many different platforms, tools and services. The way these data are gathered and presented is different in each one. If you’ve got a product, tool or service to demo to the community, this is the place for you!